Exhibition & Symposium, June 11–13, 2014 in Turku, Finland

Selfportrait.extended International Exhibition of Photography and Symposium, June 11–13, 2014 in Turku, Finland

Selfportrait.extended International Exhibition of Photography and Symposium is organized by the Finnish Phototherapy Association together with the I am we_interactive image -network in co-operation with Turku Arts Academy, University of Turku, and Photographic Centre Peri.


The Latin origin protrahere for portrait denotes per se to extend or to discover. This international event reflects the human self with diversity, and challenges its constricted borders with falling upon the idea of evolution of humanity with extended identities. The exhibition and symposium will be completed with a fertile social program.


The Selfportrait.extended Exhibition of Photography displays photos by I am we_interactive image -network members and Finnish Phototherapy Association members. The opening of the exhibition will be held June 11 at 6 p.m. at the Köysiratagalleria of the Turku Arts Academy. The exhibition will be open until June 19. Exhibition Opening


The Selfportrait.extended Symposium will be held at the Turku Arts Academy 12–13 June. The interdisciplinary presentations and workshops will reflect, discuss and question the topic “extended self-portrait” from artistic, therapeutic and conceptual points of view. Via the Symposium the members of the organizing network present rich extensions and fresh discoveries on human identity. The Symposium is open for everyone who finds broad-minded interest in fascinating themes of human self and identity. Symposium program
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Social program includes evening entertainments and opening of PERI photographic exhibition. In addition there will be a possibility for participants to continue leisure time in Turku Archipelago, in Iniö Island. Around 30 places are pre-reserved. Social program


Paying the symposium fee will do the registration for the event. See the detailed Registration information

We warmly welcome you to Turku!

On behalf of Finnish Phototherapy Association,

Ulla Halkola and Varpu Rahikka-Näsi


On behalf of the partnership organizations,

Wolf Nkole Helzle, Taina Erävaara, Sade Kahra, Satu Hakanurmi



Ulla Halkola: ulla.halkola@spectrovisio.net
tel. + 358 40 723 6219

Wolf Nkole Helzle: mail@helzle.com
tel. +49 (0) 170 188 7140

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Workshop and Social Programme Registration SELFPORTRAIT.EXTENDED 11.-13.6.2014


Registration for the Symposium still continues.

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Application for Exhibition of Photography has ended and the showpieces have been decided.


Finnish Phototherapy Association

Finnish Phototherapy Association - Suomen Valokuvaterapiayhdistys

The Finnish Phototherapy Association was grounded in 2004 in Turku by therapists and photographers; the members come nowadays from all over the country. The aim of the association is to promote the use and methods of phototherapy as well as to increase the expertise of phototherapeutic practices in Finland. The Association also seeks to enhance interaction between the fields of health, art and culture through the means of phototherapy.

Contact person:

Finnish Phototherapy Association
Ulla Halkola ulla.halkola@spectrovisio.net

Minna Lehmusjoki minna.lehmusjoki@gmail.com




Photographic Centre Peri

Photographic Centre Peri - Valokuvakeskus Peri

Photographic Centre Peri was grounded in 1987. The main function of the Centre is to promote and develop photographic art and culture in the region. The Centre organizes exhibitions of Finnish and international photographic art. In addition to exhibitions the Centre organizes and coordinates photography workshops, seminars and various projects exploring photographic art.

Contact person:

Photographic Centre Peri
Sade Kahra toiminnanjohtaja@peri.fi




Turku Arts Academy

Turku Arts Academy - Turun ammattikorkeakoulu

The Turku School of Fine Arts was established in 1830, Turku Conservatoire in 1962 and Turku School of Arts and Communication in 1991. The traditions of these educational institutions are preserved within the walls of Turku Arts Academy. Turku Arts Academy has wide international links with European and Nordic institutes of higher education and professional groups and individuals involved in the field of arts. The Academy has hold two projects concerning self-portraits: 2000 & 11 Self-portraits gave Turku a face of its own in art museums, galleries and public spaces as exhibitions introduced self-portraits created by Turku residents in workshops. The Contemporary Self-Portraits project (CSP) 2012–2013 focused on giving individuals, local communities and different European regions ways of expressing their personal, local and European identity through self-portraits.

Contact person:

Turku Arts Academy
Taina Erävaara taina.eravaara@turkuamk.fi

Global social media art project I am we_interactive image -network

I am we_interactive image

The global net-art project by Germany based media artist Wolf Nkole Helzle is designed specifically for audience participation. Using a specially developed Internet platform it enables people of all nations to create their personal photographic diary. From all the photos an overall picture is computed which interactively changes continuously with the upload of new images. In addition the participants will be able to share ideas about their images. The constantly changing over-all picture „inter active image“ will also be shown in art exhibitions separately. One of the central themes in the platform is the question regarding the relationship between individual and collective. Sefportrait.extended will be the 3. International I am we_exhibition & symposium together with members of the platform and this time with partners also. Registration is free of charge.

Contact person:

I am we_interactive image
Wolf Helzle mail@helzle.com




Turku University, Brahea Centre and Open University

University of Turku - Turun yliopisto

Open University - Avoin yliopisto

Open University education is arranged in cooperation with University departments. Its objectives and requirements correspond to those of regular degree studies. On spring 2014 Open University organizes a course called “Photographs promoting wellbeing and health” in collaboration with faculty of medicine. The Symposium is part of the studies. Open University is part of the Brahea Centre, which has a key role in the organization, production and development of learning possibilities for adults. With its background in "a University of Excellence in Adult Education" the Brahea Centre bridges scientific research and practical life for professional and human growth. Brahea Centre has organized phototherapy courses and international meetings since 2000.

Contact person:

Turku University, Brahea Centre and Open University
Satu Hakanurmi satu.hakanurmi@utu.fi

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